Ready to Share Your Knowledge

Attend The
Content Creation Workshop

This is a roll up your sleeves session that will give you the space and time to focus on your content. You will be able to rapidly identify, structure and draft your content based on your expertise and the needs of your audience.

This is a 7.5 hour session where I will help you:

  • Gather, sort and organize your content into MANAGEABLE CHUNKS
  • Identify the key learning objectives that are of VALUE TO YOUR AUDIENCE
  • Design the BEST FRAMEWORK and STRUCTURE of your content to ensure proper sequencing and absorption for the learner
  • Identify the BEST TOOLS to use to develop and build your content
  • Identify the BEST METHOD for delivery based on your content and objectives
  • Outline a delivery strategy and help you determine paid vs. free content


Pre-Requisite: You have identified your area of expertise or knowledge that you would like to share. You have already researched and gathered information that would be related to your project.

At the end of this session you will have:

  • An overall structure for your program that is in the correct sequence to meet the needs or your audience
  • Drafted learning objectives for each module of your program that clearly outline the purpose and/ goal of each piece of content
  • Identified which parts of your content are marketing (Free Content) vs which parts of your content are learning (Paid Content)
  • Drafted a delivery schedule for the release of your content
  • Identified how you want to delivery your program


Only 6-8 people are accepted for each Workshop.
Workshop will take place in Toronto, Canada.