Welcome to the podcast! The podcast shares people’s stories and explores their journey to success. The people I choose to talk to are SUPER PASSIONATE about what they are doing. Some of them have jobs that are very familiar to you and others have jobs that they have actually created. I am and always have been a firm believer in doing what you love. I am hoping these stories will help others find their path – especially if you feel like you are a bit lost or need a change in your life. It is never too late for change!



Show Notes, Links, and Resources for All Episodes

Below are all the shows, listed from newest to oldest!

Episode 14 – Shauna Arnott – On Being Creative, Sharing Your Passion and Asking for Help

Episode 13 – Tim Louks – On Being Inspired By The People Around You, Being Self Less in Sports, and Using Recovery Time to Reflect, Adapt & Improve

Episode 12 – Stacey Davis – On Thinking Outside the Box, Letting Your Creative Drive you and Paying Attention to the Details

Episode 11 – Kristin Matthews – On Living Life Backwards, Taking Time to Recharge, and Finding Your Way With Something That Matters

Episode 10 – Tonia Wilson – On Being Kind, Working Hard and Making Your Own Luck

Episode 9 – Forrest Willett – On Overcoming Anxiety & Depression, Taking Responsibility for your Actions, and Knowing You Deserve to be Loved

Episode 8 – Scott McCuaig – On Following Your Passion, Understanding the Value of Failure, and Knowing Your Worth

Episode 7 – Nikki Clarke – On the Challenges of Being Different, the Importance of Taking Risks, and Creating Opportunities for Yourself & Others

Episode 6 – Randy Thomas – On the Importance of Nurturing Relationships, Identifying your Niche & Knowing What You Can Win

Episode 5 – Kim Turley-Smith –  On Finding Joy, Being Grateful and Living Your Personal Journey

Episode 4 – Davelle Morrison – On Being Prepared for Life Changes, Making the Most of Every Situation, and The Importance of Meditation

Episode 3 – John Faragher – On the Importance of Service Above Self, Persevering & Pushing People to Reach Their Potential

Episode 2 – Leslie Bradford-Scott – On Overcoming Challenges, Surviving and Moving Forward

Episode 1 – Funk Roberts – On The Importance of Getting It Done, Grinding and Being the Best