I am starting to create a curated reading list that will help you move foreword faster. 

These are all books I have read that have helped me along my journey and they might help you too. 

As this section grows I will organize it into categories.  This is just the beginning. 

The Greatness Mindset – Unlock the Power of Your Mind and Live Your Best Life

Lewis Howes

This is a must have book for anyone that is looking to find their meaningful mission in life.

I have followed Lewis Howes for years and this book really ties everything together for people that are looking for their Meaningful Mission in life. 

There are so many good nuggets in this book.

Lewis has taken what he has learned in his journey so far and put it in a format that is super easy for people to follow and to figure out their meaningful mission. This book is not just his story – he embeds lessons learned from other guests that he has interviewed in the past and the combination brings out the BEST tips and tools from others as well.

If you are someone that is struggling with figuring out your bigger purpose this is the book for you.

Lewis shared lots of stats and research about why it is important to have a meaningful mission and I love that even though this book shares some pretty tough stats around mental health it does it in a positive way.

If you are doing any type of personal development or soul searching I highly recommend this book.

I love how this book is laid out. It is super simple to read and is full of practical activities to get you there. 

It is not just a book to read but a workbook where you can take action.

I Am Enough Mark – Your Mirror and Change Your Life

Marisa Peers

I originally saw Marisa speak at the Summit of Greatness and love her approach to mindset, how you think about self and also how you show up in relationships. 

If you have ever struggled with never feeling like enough this is a great read that reminds you of things you probably already now but have forgotten along the way. 

It brings you back to a place of remembering the value you bring to every situation and I highly recommend this one!

The Four Agreements – A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom

don Miguel Ruiz

I read this book at least once a year.  It is a great reminder of the four things we should be keeping top of mind.

      • Be impeccable with your word.
      • Don’t take anything personally.
      • Don’t make assumptions.
      • Always do your best.

I also tend to read the “Don’t make assumptions” chapter when I think I fall into making assumptions.

Highly recommend this one as well for anyone that wants to just be better and do better.