I'm Janet, a collaborative business & online course strategist that can help you design, develop and launch your online course.

If you are feeling stuck, you don’t know how to get started or things are moving as quickly as you would like, you have the power to change that.

You can do this. You just need the right game plan.

I have designed over 100 courses to date and can teach you a simple process to get the knowledge out of your head and into an online course that your audience will love.

I started out in the eLearning industry in early 2000 and have had the opportunity to work with over 50 organizations to help them move their learning online. I have helped people design, develop and launch their online courses. I have also helped them design and put systems into place to make their business more streamlined.

In 2003, I created an online learning design and development process that can help get your expertise out of your head or off the pages of your book and into the right digital medium. So you can launch your course. The process covers everything you need to know from start to finish.

I can help you with your plan. I have always wanted to be the best and I want you to be the best too! 

As an athlete I was average but I had the desire to be the best.

I was not the tallest, not the fastest, not the strongest BUT I understood the game AND I would outwork anyone else on the team. I never felt like I was good enough and always wanted to be better. I felt the need to prove myself all the time. I would never give up.

I understand online courses and want to share my experience to make it easier for you to create your own course so your audience will love it and want more information from you! 

I had to figure out a strategy that would work for me and then identify the steps I needed to take to make it happen.

I went from growing up in a small-town of 1200 people to being Rookie of the Year and a university all star while playing Varsity Volleyball at McMaster University. I also played competitive beach volleyball in South Korea and Canada after under going ACL reconstructive knee surgery when I was told I would never play again.

My desire and action helped make my dreams come true, along with my plan to get to where I wanted to be.

Oh, and did I mention that I launched my first business when I was a teenager trying to achieve this dream and have successfully owned and operated five businesses to date. I always want to be the best and I always want to win.

Now, I want to help you win.

I have a gift for being able to work with others through the good and bad to get your idea outside of your head and into the world where it belongs. If you are stuck and spinning your wheels let me help you move forward.

I can help you clarify your strategy and develop a clear plan of action to make your vision become a reality.

what do you need?


You need to know which plays are going to help you win the game. Making things too complicated is the enemy. I love breaking down complex ideas to get rid of all the extra noise and distilling it down to what really matters. Focusing on what is significant or vital is key to helping you move forward. Simpler is always better. In order to win, you need a game plan.


Are you ready to lace up your shoes, do the drills and get it done. I am going to help you work smart, save you time, energy and effort. I can help you gather, sort and organize your ideas in a meaningful way to produce programs and products, so they add value and have impact. And, let’s be real, sweating is actually really good for you and you will feel so good when it is all done.


What is your role on the team? I’ve found mine and now I’m on a mission to help you find yours. My intention is to equip and empower you with all the tools you need to raise your game to the next level. I’ve helped hundreds of organizations and course creators discover their go to moves, the ones that make fans want to come back for more. I can help you become the player you were always meant to be.

What I Believe

You can’t win if you aren’t really playing.

There is no excuse for someone to work smarter or harder than you.

Challenges, like obstacles are put in your path so you can figure out a way to get around them.

You need stamina, skill and spirit to be successful. 

Don’t be your own worst enemy. Make sure your head and your heart are playing on the same team. 

If it does not challenge you, it doesn’t change you, and change is where real learning and growth occur.

Surround yourself with people who lift you up and are also trying to achieve greatness. 

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