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Welcome to “The Janet Lewis Show,” a thought-provoking podcast that invites you to explore the extraordinary journeys of remarkable individuals. I am Janet Lewis, a forward-thinking entrepreneur and eternal optimist. In this interview-style podcast, I uncover the untold stories of passionate individuals who have achieved success in their chosen paths.

I believe in the boundless possibilities of life and the profound impact of pursuing what truly makes us happy. With my deep understanding of change and the conviction that happiness leads to success in diverse forms, I carefully select guests who epitomize unwavering dedication and enthusiasm for their endeavors.

Each episode takes you on an immersive journey through the lives of my guests, as they share their thoughts, experiences, and pivotal moments that have shaped their current positions. Our engaging conversations delve into the factors influencing their choices, the challenges they have overcome, and their unique perspectives on broader societal issues.

“The Janet Lewis Show” serves as an insightful and inspiring platform, revealing the diverse paths individuals have taken to achieve both personal fulfillment and professional success. By tuning in, you can expect to gain invaluable insights, motivation, and a deeper understanding of the transformative power of passion, resilience, and societal dynamics.

Are you feeling dissatisfied with your current path or seeking a change? Fear not, as I firmly believe that it is never too late to embrace transformation and embark on a more fulfilling direction in life. Through my captivating stories and interviews, I aim to inspire and guide you, helping you discover your own path to happiness and fulfillment.

Explore the thoughts and experiences of exceptional individuals, unlock the transformative power of pursuing your passions, and embark on a quest to cultivate personal and professional fulfillment.

Get ready to share your thoughts, insights, and ideas with me as you embark on this inspiring podcast adventure. Welcome to “The Janet Lewis Show” – where extraordinary stories unfold and dreams are ignited.

Below are the most recent episodes! Click on the title to find all the associated show notes and resources. 

Julie Cole – On How the Right Business Partners Can Help You Move Forward, Being Comfortable Being Uncomfortable and Why You Shouldn’t Take Yourself So Seriously

Mike Liguori – On Knowing Your Next Mission, Crafting a Good Story and Recognizing It Is Never Too Late

Vanessa Holding – On being Your Biggest Fan, Being A Connector and Being Consistent

Erin Henderson – On the Game of Business, Why Money Matters and Importance of Staying True to Your Brand and To Yourself

Hermie Abraham – On the Biggest Mistake People Make When Getting a New Job, Value of Creating Win-Win Solutions and Finding the Right Community

Laura Beauparlant – On Shining Bright, Being Determined and Having Good Processes

Monika Tupholme – On Being Authentic With your Audience, Making It Easy for Your Clients and Investing in Yourself

Libby Wildman – On Making People Feel Comfortable, Accepting Who You Are and Knowing Your Money Story

Laurie Anne King – On Using Your Natural Gift, Listening to Your Intuition and Being the Queen of Imperfection

Shannon Tebb – On Putting Yourself Out There, Authentically Connecting with Others and Mastering the Art of Communication

Monica Graves – On Staring your Own Business, Fundraising and Spreading Light and Love

Melanie Cruickshank – On Living Your Brand, Connecting with Your Customers and The Importance of Your Support System and Network

Bobby Umar – On Feeding Your Soul, Fighting for Your Life and Being a Star

Christine Kelly – On the Importance of Sport, Starting a Franchise and Selecting The Right People with The Right Experience

John Towsley – On Entrepreneurship, Importance of Cash Flow and Figuring Out How to Make It Work

Shauna Arnott – On Being Creative, Sharing Your Passion and Asking for Help

Tim Louks – On Being Inspired by The People Around You, Being Self Less In Sports and using Recovery Time To Reflect, Adapt & Improve

Stacey Davis – On Thinking Outside the Box, Letting Your Creativity Drive You and Paying Attention To The Details

Kristin Matthews – On Living Life Backwards, Taking Time to Recharge and Finding Your Way with Something That Matters

Tonia Wilson – On Being Kind, Working Hard, and Making your Own Luck

Forrest Willett – On Overcoming Anxiety & Depression, Taking Responsibility for Your Actions, and Knowing You Deserve to Be Loved

Scott McCuaig – on Following Your Passion, Understanding the Value of Failure, and Knowing Your Work

Nikki Clarke – On the Challenges of Being Different, The Importance of Taking Risks, and Value of Creating Your Own Opportunities

Randy Thomas – On the Importance of Nurturing Relationships, Identifying Your Niche and Knowing What You Can Win

Kim Turley-Smith – On Finding Joy, Being Grateful and Living Your Personal Journey

Davelle Morrison – On Being Prepared for Life Changes, Making the Most of Every Situation and The Importance of Meditation

John Faragher – On the Importance of Service Above Self, Persevering and Pushing People to Reach Their Potential

Leslie Bradford-Scott – On Overcoming Challenges, Surviving and Moving Forward

Funk Roberts – On the Importance of Getting It Done, Grinding and Being the Best

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