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Today we are talking with Hermie Abraham a Labour & Employment Lawyer and Founder of Advocation Professional Corporation.

Hermie started out her professional career in HR at some pretty impressive companies and then one day decided it was time to quit her full time job and go to law school.

Hermie has been a lawyer for over 15 years and for the last seven years has owned and operated her own firm. She founded Advocation Professional Corporation with the goal to help employers and employees create workplaces that both are proud to belong to. She works collaboratively with her clients and believes it is important to understand your rights in the workplace.

Advocation Professional Corporation offers services to help people who have lost their job, have been sexually harassed or if there is any workplace discrimination, bullying or investigations any type of situation that would require some strategic advice or legal council.

Hermie has been featured in various legal and human resources publications including Lawyer’s Weekly and HR Professional Magazine. She has also been regularly featured in the media to help break down employment law and provide expertise on workplace policies. You will find her on Global News, the Toronto Star and The Globe and Mail just to name a few.
Hermie is super passionate, extremely knowledgeable and very practical. She is always so generous with her time and is willing to share her knowledge and expertise in order to help empower others. She operates from a place of helping people clearly understand what is happening, why it is happening and how she can help and if she can’t help you, she will point you in the right direction.

One of the things I admire most about Hermie is her willingness to leave a place of comfort, take a leap into something new and be willing to work hard to figure it out and make it work. She is not afraid to move forward and she is also not afraid of being honest even if it is not a popular opinion or belief. Her logic, style of negotiation and how she presents an argument are unmatched. There are always so many lessons learned after an engaging conversation with her.

I am sure you will find more than one or two things to take away from this podcast.

In this episode, Hermie and I discuss the following:

      • Benefits of growing up, working, and living in Nova Scotia
      • How taking the time to explain the size of muffins at Tim Hortons can change your life
      • How every moment is opportunity for change
        Moving from Halifax to Toronto
      • Importance of being your own advocate to advance your career
      • Excitement, benefits, and challenges of working for a technology start up company during the dot com rush
      • How large organizations are like a cruise ship and start ups are like a dinghy
      • How different experiences in the workplace can trigger the need for change and help you forge a new path
      • Experience of working for a forward thinking organization that incorporates all the different culture of their employees in the workplace
      • Benefits and challenges of making the choice to return to school as an adult
      • Experience of articling on Bay Street at a prestigious firm and then choosing a different path
      • What it is like to work in a career where you are not always seeing people at their best
      • Exploring the idea of having something that is your own
      • Staying authentic to yourself and your dreams by going after what you really want and hustling to make it work
      • Differences between being a lawyer vs being a business owner
      • Importance of continuing to evolve and stay relevant in the practice of law
      • Biggest mistake people make when getting a job
      • What you need to know about businesses and companies as an employee
      • How you can manage your career and a mindset
      • Role of HR in an organization
      • The most beneficial and least expensive law service you can get
      • Biggest fear when you start your own business
      • What it takes to continue to move forward owning and operating your own business
      • How you still have a boss when you run your own business
      • Importance of creating systems in your business
      • Values of coaches and being part of a program to help push you forward
      • Importance of belonging to a community that can help you operate in a better way
      • Why you should make sure you are in the right community
      • How the profession of law and perception of lawyers is changing
      • Value of creating win-win situations
      • Why you should live your best life be the best version of yourself

I loved this conversation with Hermie, and I hope you do too!

If you would like more information on Hermie, you can visit:
Linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/in/hermieabraham/
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/advocationpc
Twitter – https://twitter.com/HermieAbraham
Website – https://advocation.ca/

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