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Today we are talking with Laura Beauparlant an Author, Professional Speaker and Founder and Creative Director of Lab Creative.

Laura has been an entrepreneur for over 18 years. She originally founded a very successful wedding stationary business, where she was featured in top publications and won awards for her unique designs but then something happened. Laura had lost her passion for her business and decided to pivot into a new industry. She wanted to create a business where she could really help people and have an impact.

After a lot of hard work Lab Creative was born to help growth-minded entrepreneurs create strategic and memorable brands that stand out from the crowd, attract the right customers and translate into business success.

Lab Creative combines their signature process and a dash of their chemistry to help clients understand the true “magic” of who they are and what they offer so they can create an authentic and meaningful brand.

Laura was able to take her skillset, her passion and was not afraid to make a massive change to get to where she really wanted to be – helping people and making a difference. She is super authentic and shares the good and the struggles of running a business on her social media and the posts I love the most are the ones where she show cases her clients and what they have come up with after they have gone through her program.  They are unique and works of art.

One of the things I appreciate about Laura is that she see’s what’s possible.  She is not afraid to dream or take risks.  She sees the world through a glass half full lets make the most of every moment lens.  This is part of what makes her unique and makes clients want to work with her. She loves to help others discover and leverage their magic helping them become happier, and more fulfilled.

I am sure you will find more than one or two things to take away from this podcast.

In this episode, Laura and I discuss the following:

      • Advantages of travelling at a young age and how it helps you connect quickly with new people
      • Discovering what you love and getting opportunities at a young age to do it
      • How good teachers, role models and coaches can have a major impact in your life
      • Challenges of dealing with the judgement of others for choosing a different path then what is expected or “normal”
      • Having the courage to follow your passion and do what you love
      • Importance of getting the right font because it is part of your brand’s personality
      • Overcoming adversity, and recovering from a life threatening accident all while balancing a full course load and trying to graduate on time
      • How supportive people can help you when you need it the most
      • Discovering how determination can drive you to a new level of capability that you never knew you had
      • Recognizing and prioritising your mental and physical health when you need it the most
      • How working and living abroad can provide you with a different experience that helps you form part of your signature style
      • Knowing when it is time to make a change, having the courage to take a risk and make your dreams come true
      • Benefits and drawbacks of working at a design agency and the value of recognizing when it is time to move on
      • Importance having a variety of experiences and trying new things in your business to see what sticks
      • Value of having a supportive husband or life partner that has a different skill set then you when you are starting a side hustle
      • Doing what it takes to make your new business work by discovering skills you need to survive and thrive
      • Being judged for the business you decide to start because it is not the norm in your industry, you are choosing not to work in a big agency or with big brands
      • Knowing that you have to put yourself out there
      • Importance of having a professional website, contract and portfolio shows how you are established to attract the right clients
      • Knowing your costs and being confident in what you are charging
      • Why processes and systems are important for business owners and the customer experience
      • What happens when you achieve your purpose
      • Being able to truly identify when you are done with your business or job and that it is time to move on
      • Taking time to figure out what you want to do next
      • Formation of Lab Creative and Brand Camp
      • Recognizing when it is time to move on
      • Why you should continue to learn and grow personally and professionally
      • Value of working with great coaches and mentors at the right time to help you overcome imposter syndrome, build confidence and recognize your true gifts so you can leverage them
      • Recognizing how your skill set transfers over into another role
      • Shifting your thinking to reinvent yourself and have multiple streams of income
      • Why it is important to get off the hamster wheel
      • Why you should shine bright and take up space

I loved this conversation with Laura, and I hope you do too!

If you would like more information on Laura, you can visit:

Instagram – @Labcreativeinc

Linkedin – Laura Beauparlant

Website – http://www.labcreative.ca

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