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Today we are talking with Bobby Umar, President of Raeallan and CEO of DYPB. Raeallan is a transformational training organization whose mission is to discover, inspire and develop leadership. DYPB, or Discover Your Personal Brand helps individuals and organizations use personal branding to create more focus, alignment, and impact with their work.

Bobby started out as an Aerospace Design Engineer for Bombardier and has made his way into transformational training and professional speaking. He made some bold moves early in his career to get out of a soul sucking job and move into a career that he loves. Bobby is now one of Inc Magazine’s Top 100 leadership speakers, a five-time TEDx speaker, has been named as the “2nd Best Business Coach to Follow” on Twitter and the “4th Best Leadership Influencer” according to Kred. He has also recently been named a “Top 7 Networking Guru to Follow” and is recognized as a thought leader in networking, social media, and personal branding.

Bobby is an engaging professional speaker that is genuine, extremely personable, and willing to share his success as well as his struggles. He is passionate about helping others grow and fully understands what it is like to be in a career that does not allow you to feel like a star. He believes it is important to fight for the life that you want. Bobby has a wealth of knowledge to share based on his real-life experience in the world and I could not wait to sit down and talk with him. 

In this episode, Bobby and I discuss the following:

  • The impact of connecting with purpose
  • Growing up as a first generation Canadian in a small town on the east coast and feeling like you are living a double life
  • Being a math nerd, skipping grades, and getting ahead at an early age
  • His love for learning, memorization and reading
  • Issues around body shaming and feeling embarrassed at a young age
  • Differences between quitting vs knowing when to let something go
  • Value of extracurricular experiences that give you the feeling of freedom at a young age
  • Discovering his love for movies, television, and the theatre
  • Auditioning for the first time and identifying his love for performing
  • Developing and discovering your voice
  • The challenges of university and figuring out what do to when you graduate
  • Key identifiers to recognize when a job is not the right fit and is not working out
  • Launching a passion project to feed your soul and recognizing when you want to put time and energy into something you love
  • Getting fired and figuring out what to do next
  • How being in the wrong program or job can affect your self confidence and make you believe you are not a smart person or even competent
  • How your mindset can erode based on your life experience and the value of gaining new experiences to shift your mind set so you can once again thrive
  • Importance of finding your mojo and being focused on what you really want to do in order to feel fulfilled
  • The feeling of not “Fitting in” or not being a “star”
  • Recognizing what allows you to feel empowered and thrive
  • Value of finding a good manager that recognizes your strengths and that you also value what they have to offer
  • The impacts of having a stressful job and experiencing an anxiety attack for the first time
  • Recognizing the signs of serious health issues and figuring out how to get control of them before they become a bigger problem
  • Recognizing a natural gift, embracing it and moving in that direction
  • Utilizing a personal council to help validate your decision making and chart out your life
  • Figuring out your niche and launching a new business
  • Value of working with a coach to help you see other options, guide you in the right direction and streamline your growth
  • Differences between a coach and a consultant
  • Going through a personal self discovery to identify next steps
  • Life as a professional speaker, figuring out how much to charge and scaling your business
  • The need to pivot during a pandemic to make things work or to ramp up your business
  • Importance of feeding your soul and understanding how your “Why” statements drive you
  • Following the wrong path to success and how it feels
  • Why it is important to create more focus so you can go from good to great
  • His passion for helping people with their personal branding
  • Importance of getting things done, being in the moment and doing the right thing
  • Why you should fight for the life you want to live

I loved this conversation with Bobby, and I hope you do too!

If you would like more information on Bobby, you can visit:

Linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/in/bobbyumar/

Website – https://www.raeallan.com/ 

Website – https://www.dypb.ca/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/raehanbobby

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/raehanbobby/

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