Funk Roberts is a fitness entrepreneur who is killing it online. He went from being a beach bum, to creating a successful business that was built with passion, desire and drive. He started out playing professional beach volleyball, moved into the corporate world where he had a 6-figure salary and then decided to take probably the biggest leap of his life to follow his passion which, was to build fit and healthy people all over the world.

Funk Roberts is currently the President and Owner of Funk Roberts Fitness and He is a Certified Personal and Metabolic Trainer, MMA Conditioning Coach (MMACA), Online Fat Loss Expert and Amazon #1 Best Selling Author for ‘Rapid Body Makeover” and has appeared as a Fitness Expert on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX affiliates. With over 20 years experience he has helped thousands of fitness enthusiast, combat fighters, trainers and coaches reach their fitness goals and improve athletic performance through his programs. He is one of the strength and conditioning leaders in the combat sport community. Funk also helps fitness enthusiast burn fat while building lean muscle using his metabolic workouts and healthy nutrition. He has over 200 workout videos, nutrition tips and training advice all targeted to MMA, martial arts and combat athletes around the world

This man is a man that dreams big and has the drive to succeed. If you have never heard of Funk Roberts, you will remember him after this episode. He is a super charismatic man that makes you just want to get shit done! There are no excuses, just actions that speak louder than words.

In this episode, Funk and I discuss:

  • How you can change your fitness routine to get in the best shape of your life
  • Funk’s journey from the beach to Funk Roberts Fitness
  • Funk’s mindsets 1. “Get It Done” 2. “Grind” and, 3. “Be the Best”
  • Importance of strong role models
  • How you know when it is time to make the leap
  • What has helped him grow his business
  • Value of failing a million times
  • Importance of identifying a niche and your true passion
  • Knowing what success looks or feel like
  • The biggest challenges and how to get through them
  • Identifying when it is time to grow the company and bring on employees
  • Importance of getting buy-in from employees and customers
  • Value of amazing customer experience
  • As a business owner, identifying what you should not be doing any more
  • What you should do if you want to make a change or take a leap
  • The reality of an entrepreneurial lifestyle
  • And much more.

I really enjoyed this conversation with Funk and I hope you do too!

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