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  • EPISODE 16 – CHRISTINE KELLY – ON THE IMPORTANCE OF SPORT, STARTING A FRANCHISE AND SELECTING THE RIGHT PEOPLE WITH THE RIGHT EXPERIENCE Today we’re talking with Christine Kelly, Founder and Chairman of Little Kickers, which is an educational soccer – or ‘football’, program designed to provide young children with a fun and positive introduction […]

  • SHARE YOUR IDEA When you think you might know what you want to do – share your idea with others. I know it sounds like a bad idea, right? But it can really help you refine your idea, map out your plan to launch and give you some great marketing ideas. It can also help […]

  • FUNK ROBERTS – ON THE IMPORTANCE OF GETTING IT DONE, GRINDING AND BEING THE BEST Funk Roberts is a fitness entrepreneur who is killing it online. He went from being a beach bum, to creating a successful business that was built with passion, desire and drive. He started out playing professional beach volleyball, moved into […]