• PAOLA GIROTTI – ON THE IMPORTANCE OF SMALL BUSINESS IN CANADA, BENG PASSIONATE ABOUT CREATING CHANGE, AND FIINDING OPPORTUNITY IN EVERY DAY In this episode we talk to talking to Paola Girotti the Founder, Owner and Operator of Sugarmoon Salon and one of the Co Founders of Beauty United. Sugarmoon Salon has been in business […]

  • KIM TURLEY-SMITH – ON FINDING JOY, BEING GRATEFUL AND LIVING YOUR PERSONAL JOURNEY Kim Turley-Smith is a fitness entrepreneur who is all about the power of positive thinking.  Kim went from being a stay at home mom, to creating a successful business that was built out of her own need.  She started out as a […]

  • LESLIE BRADFORD-SCOTT – ON OVERCOMING CHALLENGES, SURVIVING & MOVING FORWARD Leslie Bradford-Scott is a female entrepreneur that has the right ingredients to create a skincare empire. She went from being a broke single mom to becoming a co-founder of Walton Wood Farm. Her journey has not been an easy one. It is an incredible story […]

  • FUNK ROBERTS – ON THE IMPORTANCE OF GETTING IT DONE, GRINDING AND BEING THE BEST Funk Roberts is a fitness entrepreneur who is killing it online. He went from being a beach bum, to creating a successful business that was built with passion, desire and drive. He started out playing professional beach volleyball, moved into […]

  • WELCOME TO THE JANET LEWIS SHOW! The podcast shares people’s stories and explores their journey to success. The people I choose to talk to are SUPER PASSIONATE about what they are doing. Some of them have jobs that are very familiar to you and others have jobs that they have actually created.  I am and […]