Today we are talking with Shannon Tebb a boutique matchmaker and dating expert. She is also the founder of Shanny in the City.

Shanny in the City is a great support system for singles whether you’re looking for a lifelong companion, advice on what to say on a date, where you should go to meet people in the city, what you should wear or even what the current do’s and don’ts are of the ever evolving dating world.  Shanny in the City can guide you though all the questions that you have so you can avoid looking or feeling a little bit silly because you just didn’t know.  They can help you get your love life in shape, whether it is by helping you open your heart up to love again or just helping you get excited about dating again. They are super passionate about making sure you are date ready and helping you find your perfect match.

Shannon went from being that friend that everyone went to for dating advice for free to creating a successful business and she is rated as one of the top 10 match makers in North America. She has helped 100’s of singles looking for love find their perfect match. Shanny was raised in a single parent household and from an early age has always been fascinated by people and relationships, in particular why some were successful, and others were not. She found it easy to identify what men loved and she became inspired to share this knowledge with other single women. She is passionate about helping single males and females gain confidence so they can attract that perfect partner. Shannon has been called the “Head Hunter for the Heart” and a “Love Witch”.

Shanny is super knowledgeable about dating and always offers such a fresh perspective on things you should be doing in order to be ready to attract your person. She loves giving people advice, tips or suggestions and genuinely wants to help people find love. I love spending time with Shanny. She is always so positive, has super high energy and is always trying something new that is almost always off the beat path.

I am sure you will find more than one or two things to take away from this podcast.

In this episode, Shanny and I discuss the following:

      • How she recognized her fascination with human connection at an early age
      • Discovering your gift and being inspired to take the leap to start your own business
      • How different jobs provided her with important skills to enable her to run her own business
      • Importance of connecting with people to offer excellent customer service, understand what they want, and be able to engage them
      • Value of ensuring clients feel safe to trust in the service and experience because it is a very personal experience
      • How to juggle a full time job with a side hustle and what to do when it becomes too much to handle
      • Importance of having people around you that believe that you can be successful
      • Why you should put yourself out there, be vulnerable and figure out what works for your brand
      • Challenges of starting and growing a business
      • Why you want to make sure your company name makes sense for your brand and that it is a good representative of what you are trying to achieve
      • Importance of knowing your ideal customer and setting boundaries
      • Value of negative and constructive feedback and how it can help you be successful in love and in your business
      • Importance of creating an authentic connection in order to find your perfect match
      • Why you should tell everyone what you are doing and how it can help grow your business
      • Knowing what to charge for your service to ensure you offer value and differentiate yourself from others
      • How media can help you get exposure and help you grow your business
      • The best way to attract new clients
      • What it is like working with men and the challenges of dating a recently divorced man
      • Why everyone that is single should have a dating coach or matchmaker in their contact list
      • What hinders most people from finding the “perfect” match
      • How dating trends have changed during Covid and how it has affected the dating and match making industry
      • How to know you are being bread crumbed and how to avoid a situationship
      • Managing expectations and recognizing what you really want in a relationship
      • Role of a foster girlfriend
      • The fast track and evolution of dating over the last 10 years
      • Taking a risk as a business owner and being open to new opportunities and how they can be learning experiences that enhance your skill set
      • Coaching people through the various issues that can come up when dating or putting yourself out there
      • Importance of mastering specific life skills when it comes to relationships and understanding how you show up for people
      • Importance of self assessing and knowing where you should put in work
      • Effect of verbal and non verbal communication skills and how your energy on a date
      • Why women who work in higher paid positions need to take off their work hat off and be more feminine
      • The number one role of a match maker and dating coach
      • Benefits and challenges of being a digital nomad, working remotely and finding a community
      • Value of having meaningful and positive conversations
      • Life is meant to be shared

I loved this conversation with Shanny, and I hope you do too!

If you would like more information on Shanny, you can visit:

Website – Shannyinthecity.com

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/shannyinthecity/

TikTok – https://www.tiktok.com/@shannyinthecity

Linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/in/shannyinthecity/

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