John Faragher is a retired Basketball Coach and High School, Teacher. Since a very early age, he knew that he wanted to coach and teach for a living. John struggled academically and encountered a few setbacks but his desire and passion to serve his community propelled him forward. He decided to not take no for an answer and figured out a way to become a teacher, a coach and more importantly someone who was able to have a positive impact on so many young students and athletes.

John is currently retired and resides in Midland, ON where he is still making an impact working with high risk and special needs teenagers and adults.

This is a man that believes in service above self and his dedication to his students and community truly illustrate the impact that one person can have on others. He is a very genuine soul that wants the world to be a good place and he will do his part to make that happen.

In this episode, John and I discuss:

  • Concept and meaning of Service Before Self
  • Importance of team dynamics and having a passion for the game
  • Role of parents, coaches, and teachers as positive role models, examples and mentors
  • John’s journey to becoming a teacher and coach
  • Dealing with disappointment, failure, and rejection
  • Persevering despite learning and application challenges
  • Importance of forming good connections, being memorable and likable
  • Taking the time to step back and re-evaluate
  • Pushing others to reach their full potential
  • Knowing your role on a team to achieve success
  • Understanding how life changes impact or change what is important to you
  • Importance of failing, doing the right thing and being held accountable
  • Impact of family dynamics and everyday realities
  • Decline of participation in sports
  • Impact of technology and the digital world
  • Role of coaches vs. parents in a child’s participation on a team
  • Being able to deal with adversity, other people’s expectations and personal limitations
  • Feeling grateful and being respectful of the life you get to live
  • And much more.

I really enjoyed this conversation with John and I hope you do too!

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