Today we’re talking with Shauna Arnott, Founder of Leverage Events, Founder and Producer of Haste and Hustle and most recently Co-Founder and Producer of Listen In. Leverage Events creates unforgettable experiences for their corporate clients that grow their brand and deepen human connections. Haste and Hustle is an annual conference that was created to serve and support entrepreneurs. Listen In is a conference for enterprise level marketing teams looking to better understand and capitalize on the world of podcasting. This lady has a lot on her plate, but she is one determined and passionate person.

Shauna is able to take a big idea and bring it to life. She has created some amazing experiences and has worked with some of the biggest names out there to date. The first year of Haste and Hustle featured Gary V as the keynote speaker and in 2020 it is Richard Branson. Shauna is able to capture the attention of these big names and get them involved in her vision. She is super passionate about helping others and I am so excited to hear about her journey.

In this episode, Shauna and I discuss the following:

  • Actions of a young budding entrepreneur and getting your business shut down at your elementary school
  • Importance of being creative to deliver an experience that will make money and add value to your event
  • How connecting to nature and playing outdoors helps stimulate creativity and growth
  • What happens when you choose a traditional career to make money and have a good living
  • How to listen to your inner voice about what you should really be doing and then taking steps to follow your dream
  • Importance of staying open to opportunities when they come along and taking action on them
  • How to change careers, get started in a new industry and launch a new business
  • Value of connecting with current thought leaders, selling them on your idea and getting them to participate
  • Not knowing, acknowledging or recognizing when something is hard and just moving forward to get it done
  • Importance of being passionate about what you are doing, and sharing your passion to get buy in from other people
  • Developing the right name for a company or brand
  • Recognizing your own limitations of areas or skills that still need to be further developed or improved
  • The biggest challenge when it comes to running events
  • How external factors can impact your business and what you should do when this happens
  • Value of being a solution-oriented problem solver that is able to identify what is important vs. not important
  • What you should do when everything seems to be going wrong
  • How the power of relationships can work for you and how communal entrepreneurs can be with one another
  • Importance of asking for help so people can rally around and help you
  • Struggle for female entrepreneurs to ask for help and the negative perceptions associated with asking
  • Value of recognizing and acknowledging the amazing people that surround you
  • Importance of being open to asking for and receiving help
  • How you can put yourself in a great position to help others
  • Importance and value of your network to share information, to help each other and to not feel alone with your struggles
  • Why you should help people with the right intention and do things to be a good person not get anything out of it
  • How different people bring value into your business or life
  • Struggle of connecting with people in a meaningful way
  • A model for creating a successful event that will have great takeaways for the audience
  • Shauna’s dream speaker list
  • Importance of finding people that will attract the right audience for your event
  • Value of being real on social media and letting people peek into your life
  • Desire to have a female keynote speaker and seeing more women rising to the top
  • Identifying yourself as your biggest challenge and how to get out of your own way
  • Value of clear communication
  • Challenges and opportunities for introverts in connecting and planning events
  • Importance of being kind, knowing you are loved and seeing your value
  • Impact of negative self talk and the value of reducing or eliminating it from your thought process
  • Value of providing aspirational and tactical information

I loved this conversation with Shauna and I hope you do too!

If you would like more information on Shauna you can visit:

Linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/in/shauna-arnott-b609142/
Twitter – https://twitter.com/Shaunaclaire
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/shaunaclaire1/

To learn more about Haste & Hustle:

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/hasteandhustle/
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/hasteandhustle/
Twitter – https://twitter.com/HasteandHustle
Linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/company/haste-and-hustle/


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