Tonia Wilson


Tonia Wilson is a Chef, Wine Sommelier, Beer Sommelier, Author and Food Entrepreneur. Tonia’s love of food began when she was studying in France and it inspired her to enrol in a Culinary Arts Program. Tonia has travelled, worked, and lived in many of the world’s greatest culinary cities and she has worn many different hats during her journey.

The food and beverage industry is notorious for being a tough. It is not a place for people that can’t keep up. Tonia has survived and thrived because she has always said yes to opportunities that come her way. She has also been able to adapt, and problem solve for any challenges that have been presented to her. Her willingness to work hard and continue to learn have allowed her to share her passion with others. She uses her impressive culinary knowledge to teach and write about the relationships between food, wine and beer.

Tonia is a regular contributor to the LCBO’s Food and Drink Magazine and VIVA Magazine. She has been seen on the Food Network, CBC and City TV, as well as the Gambero Rosso Network in Italy. Tonia also just created her own line of mustards infused with beer. It’s called BRU Mustard. Plus, she just released her first book – Beer At My Table.

In this episode, Tonia and I discuss the following:

  • How having the freedom to make mistakes and learn things early sets you up to make good decisions in the future
  • That travel and different cultures can help you discover or continue to grow your passion
  • Importance of being curious, wanting to learn, receiving feedback and asking for what you really want
  • Value of taking opportunities that might be outside your scope, skill or comfort level
  • Importance of being a hard worker and doing your best regardless of the challenges that come along
  • Recognizing when it is time to move on by being prepared and staying open to opportunities
  • The craft beer industry, the evolution of beer and what you should pay attention to
  • Why you should stay on top of trends to find opportunities and make things happen so you can be self-sufficient and create your own work
  • Importance of always being kind and having empathy regardless of where you are or who you are with
  • The simple secrets to be successful in the working world
  • Value of staying in touch with your network and reaching out for help at the right time
  • Differences between service and product-based businesses
  • Launching a brand by using creative marketing, hitting the bricks and knocking on doors
  • Finding the time to get everything done with the never ending to do list
  • Importance of packaging and finding a good co packer
  • Recognizing how your life can be a Jenga game and is a series of building blocks that you can continue to add onto
  • Value of having a mentor or coach that can offer advice to help you get going and make better decisions
  • That those things your Mom always told you are true
  • Getting to meet, curtsy and cook for the Queen
  • Impact of social media on customer service, self and society
  • People will always help good people
  • You can make your own luck
  • Setting a goal, having good work ethic and seeing it through regardless of the challenges or feelings you might be experiencing 

I loved this conversation with Tonia and I hope you do too!

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