Consistency is Key

I was listening to a presentation a few weeks ago and heard the following statement from a very well known influential person and thought leader.

“You CANNOT rely on DISCIPLINE. You have to have systems and processes in place.”

I agree that to be successful you need to have systems and processes in place BUT let’s NOT MINIMIZE the importance of discipline.  You actually have to have discipline in order to even put the systems and processes in place.

Discipline is about CONSISTENTY executing what you need to in order to be successful at whatever you are trying to achieve.

If you want to lose weight, make more money, find the perfect relationship, or build a successful business you have to be disciplined.

You need to set RULES, BEHAVIOURS, STANDARDS and BOUNDARIES to ensure you achieve whatever it is that you want.

The REASON people don’t complete programs, finish what they start or do what they say they are going to do is because they lack discipline. They break promises to themselves, and they are not keeping the bigger picture in focus.

You have to STOP giving 1001 EXCUSES as to why you didn’t do something and recognize that you did not make it a priority and you were not disciplined enough to follow through (extenuating circumstances excluded).


      • Blame the instructor or your manager
      • Say you didn’t have time
      • Say you didn’t have the money
      • Say it was your someone else’s fault
      • Blame it on the rain

The ONLY person you should be pointing at is YOURSELF.

You need to IDENTIFY what you really want, come up with a PLAN to achieve it and then be DISCIPLINED enough to follow it.

You cannot DEVIATE from the plan.  The minute you start to deviate, make changes or let that one little thing slip it opens the door for bigger slips.

Sometimes we have to do things that we don’t want to, but we need to think of our BIGGER goal in order to continue to move forward.

DISCIPLINE and CONSITENCY will get you where you want to go. Sometimes you just have to SUCK IT UP and GET IT DONE.

Want to be a better writer – you need to spend MORE time writing.

Want your kids to do better in school – they need to spend MORE time studying.

Want to be a better athlete – you need to have the discipline to put in MORE reps in order to get better.

Want to be faster – you need to PRACTICE running faster or do drills that will help increase your speed.

Want to lose weight – you need to figure out a PLAN and then STICK TO IT.


It does not matter what you want… they all require the SAME THING.

DISCIPLINE – to put in more time, to learn more about how to achieve what you want, to make it a priority and then to follow the plan to achieve it.

Your level of success can be IMPACTED by your level of discipline.


      1. Identify one behaviour you want to focus on for the next 21 days
      2. Determine 1-3 actions that will help you consistently implement that behaviour every day for the next 21 days
      3. Keep track of your progress


NOTE: If you “fail” start again at day 1 and try again for 21 days.  The first time you attempt this it might be more challenging but pay attention to what would help you be more successful when you try it again.


      1. Drink the correct amount of water for my body height, weight and activity level (notice I am so specific – I used this calculator.)
      2. Use my Princess Leia Star Wars Performa Drinker Shake. It is 28 ounces and I need to drink 3 of these every day. Drink 1 during workout, 1 in the early afternoon after lunch and 1 right after dinner. (Note – I have listed the amount but also approx. timelines to hit so I am not chugging three of these before bed.)
      3. Put a calendar on my wall at my desk and place a big check mark next to everyday that I achieve the behaviour


This is a simple example that most can relate to.  You can still apply this method to growing your business.  For example – post to social media once a day, write a blog once a week or

Let me know how it goes for you and what you are working on.

Until next time, 

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