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Say Thank You

As I REFLECT on the role WOMEN have played in my life and look to the future, I recognize how GRATEFUL I am to have:

        • Come from such a STRONG family of women
        • Met some AMAZING women during my journey on this planet
        • Seen so many BRAVE FEARLESS women lead by example

My MOTHER is always showing me how to be KIND to others and to HELP when they need a hand. She is one of the most SELFLESS people I have ever met.

My SISTER is and always has been my biggest CHEERLEADER. She has always been there to lend a HELPING HAND or give me the COURAGE to move through tough times.

Both my GRANDMOTHERS and all of my AUNTS and my COUSINS are super INDEPENDENT and STRONG WILLED women. Let’s just say family game nights could get very COMPETITIVE but all in good fun.

I have so many AMAZING female friends that are not afraid to AUTHENTICALLY be who they are – SHARING their fears, dreams, and challenges. These are women that are continually STRIVING to improve to make their life BETTER and also make the lives of others around them better.

I have been so fortunate to interview so many INSPIRING and TALENTED women on The Janet Lewis Show podcast. Each time I get to sit down and listen to a guest I LEARN so much about them, but I also get to hear the WISDOM they have learned on their own journey. These women are LEADERS. They are willing to share their story and their GIFT so others can also learn from their mistakes and their success.

THANK YOU to all these BRAVE women I have been able to learn so much from each and everyone of you and I cannot wait to CONTINUE on this journey that is fueled by my CURIOUSITY for life, for people and for makes the world go around.

WOMEN have come so far, and we have BROKEN down so many BARRIERS but there is still more work to be done. (Did I mention I am horrible at celebrating success and always just want to move on to conquering the next thing????)

As a gender we need to really RECOGNIZE that we can be a force when we come together and celebrate each other. Our world needs more NURTURING and POSITIVE feedback.

GOOD things can happen when we show SUPPORT and ENCOURAGE others to act with kindness especially to each other.


So on this day, I ask you to:

  1. Send one message to a woman you admire and respect.
  2. Say thank you and tell her to keep going.
  3. Let her know she is making an impact and encourage her to reach higher


Until next time,

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