What’s The Deal?

First let me say that social media can be a great tool to build BRAND AWARENESS or to stay TOP OF MIND with your followers especially if you are in ecommerce or only offer your services online.

It is a great way to SHARE new information about what you have to offer or changes you are making to your business.

It can help you form an emotional CONNECTION with your followers and increase BRAND LOYALTY if people feel closer to you because of what you share.

Customers today want to know the HUMAN behind the brand. They want to know what you like and don’t like. They want to have similar VALUES to the companies they are interested in following or making a purchase from.

What is the NUMBER 1 MISTAKE small business owners or solopreneurs make when it comes to social media?

They think it is going to be an overnight GAME CHANGER.

You think social media will:

      • Bring 1000’s of PEOPLE that will purchase whatever you are peddling
      • Be the solution you have been looking for to make MILLIONS of dollars – all in one week or one night
      • Generate AUTOMATIC cash flow so your business can flourish without you having to do anything

Some also make the mistake of investing too much TIME, EEFORT, and BUDGET into social media. You are then massively DISAPPOINTED when the RESULTS you hoped for didn’t come.

It is not entirely your fault. You have been sold this DREAM by all the social media platforms and marketers out there. They have told you that you can get the results you want. The results you have dreamed of.

But here is what they don’t tell you. You need to have a large budget to INVEST so you can do the A/B testing for 3-6 MONTHS before you see any results OR you have to invest your time to become an EXPERT and attempt to do it yourself.

Social media is not a SPRINT, it is a MARATHON especially if you don’t have a big budget to put towards it.

Part of the CHALLENGE is that the social media platforms constantly CHANGE what actually works – so even if you think you have finally figured it out – you will until the next change comes along and then you have to go through the entire process again OR continue to invest in the experts to help you. Keep in mind the experts are also just figuring it out.

I have heard so many HORROR stories from small business owners that went all in on social media hired an “EXPERT” that charged them crazy amounts of money only for them to get ZERO return on their investment and left them feeling like they had been taken advantage of. This space is definitely a BUYER BEWARE when you are thinking about outsourcing the work.

I do think there are so many great BENEFITS to social media but as a small business owner or solopreneur there are always so many things that need your time, energy, and effort. Just BE AWARE of how much TIME you are spending on trying to make social media work for you and shift your EXPECTATIONS about what it will actually do for you.


  1. Make sure you know who your ideal customer is
  2. Try different types of content to see what resonates with your ideal customer
  3. Take note of posts that have a higher level of engagement – then do more of this.
  4. Plan your content for 1-3 months with monthly themes, weekly topics and daily posts – check out the Social Media Template Free Resource
  5. Use a tool like Hootsuite to post your content once a week – grouping it together and doing your posts once a week will save you time to work on other parts of your business


If you want to outsource your social media you should still do numbers 1-4 and then only work with a social media expert if they have been referred by someone you KNOW and TRUST. Plus they can show you RESULTS they have had with other clients that are similar to you. And, have $4000-$7000 per month allotted for your budget.

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