• EPISODE 23 – MONIKA TUPHOLME – ON BEING AUTHENTIC WITH YOUR AUDIENCE, MAKING IT EASY FOR YOUR CLIENTS AND INVESTING IN YOURSELF Today we are talking with Monika Tupholme, CEO of Monika and Mojo Moni. Monika otherwise known as Moni, took the leap to officially launch after years of juggling her corporate sales […]

  • EPISODE 22 – LIBBY WILDMAN – ON MAKING PEOPLE FEEL COMFORTABLE, ACCEPTIING WHO YOU ARE AND KNOWING YOUR MONEY STORY Today we are talking with Libby Wildman, Head of Wealth Advisory at Davis Rea, Founder of the Collective, and Creator of Liminal Escapes. Libby founded her own Wealth Management company over 30 years ago and […]

  • EPISODE 21 – LAURIE ANNE KING – ON USING YOUR NATURAL GIFT, LISTENING YOUR INTUITION AND BEING THE QUEEN OF IMPERFECTION Today we are talking with Laurie Anne King an Intuitive Coach and Portrait Photographer. If you are feeling overwhelmed by life’s challenges, stuck where you are and scared or unsure of how to move […]

  • EPISODE 13 – TIM LOUKS – ON BEING INSPIRED BY THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU, BEING SELF LESS IN SPORTS, AND USING RECOVERY TIME TO REFLECT, ADAPT & IMPROVE Tim Louks is Head Coach of the McMaster Marauders Women’s Volleyball Team. Tim has spent over 30 seasons coaching and developing the women’s program and in the […]