Taking Risks

  • NEED SOME EXTRA MONEY Start Small – Try a Side Hustle The rising costs are making things TIGHT for a lot of people these days.  It is making it difficult to make ends meet and there never seems to be ENOUGH for those extra things that you love. If you’re finding it hard to keep […]

  • SCOTT MCCUAIG – ON FOLLOWING YOUR PASSION, UNDERSTANDING THE VALUE OF FAILURE, AND KNOWING YOUR WORTH Scott McCuaig is the owner and principal landscape architect of Eden Tree Design. Scott turned his childhood passion into a career that he loves. He went from starting a small business in a small town to becoming an award-winning […]

  • NIKKI CLARKE – ON THE CHALLENGES OF BEING DIFFERENT, THE IMPORTANCE OF TAKING RISKS, AND VALUE OF CREATING YOUR OWN OPPORTUNITIES Nikki Clarke is the Founder & Host of the Nikki Clarke Show and the past President of the Ontario Black History Society. She went from being a stay at home mom to discovering her […]

  • TAKE THE RISK.  SOMETIMES YOU NEED TO LET GO TO MOVE FORWARD. Starting a business or going out on your own is risky. You might have the desire, passion and time but other factors also play a role in your success. You do not have any control over the economy, mother nature or tragic events, all […]