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  • Taylor Swift Concert

    SHAKING OFF THE HATERS: TAYLOR SWIFT’S TIME OF TRIUMPH  If you didn’t see this, you might be living under a rock or just avoiding social media as many people are these days but this is one story I am here for!Taylor Swift has just been crowned Time’s Person of the Year, and wow this triggering […]

  • MINIMIZE SUBCONSCIOUS NOISE AND IMPROVE YOUR PRODUCTIVITY Clean Your Email Inbox In this fast-paced digital era, our email inboxes have turned into virtual containers overflowing with messages, newsletters, and promotions. Unfortunately, many of us underestimate the significance of maintaining an organized inbox and we subject ourselves to unnecessary subconscious noise.  This excess noise can cause […]

  • EPISODE 28 – MIKE LIGUORI ON KNOWING YOUR NEXT MISSION, CRAFTING A GOOD STORY AND RECOGNIZING IT IS NEVER TOO LATE Today we are talking with Mike Liguori, an Iraq War Veteran, Author and Founder of Live Your Truth Media. Mike started out his career in the United States Marine Corps and when he returned […]

  • FIND MORE TIME Reduce Unwanted Noise As an entrepreneur or business owner you know the most IMPORTANT resource you have is TIME.  This is something that you CANNOT alter or CHANGE.  We each only have 24 HOURS in a day.  How you CHOOSE to spend your time MATTERS. The biggest MISTAKE a lot of people […]

  • EPISODE 24 – LAURA BEAUPARLANT – ON SHINING BRIGHT, BEING DETERMINED AND HAVING GOOD PROCESSES Today we are talking with Laura Beauparlant an Author, Professional Speaker and Founder and Creative Director of Lab Creative. Laura has been an entrepreneur for over 18 years. She originally founded a very successful wedding stationary business, where she was […]

  • DISCOVER 5 SECRETS to CLEANSE Your MIND and REDISCOVER Feelings of JOY How have you been FEELING lately?  Have you been: FRUSTRATED by all the negative things that have been happening around you IRRITATED by being stuck at home and feeling like you can’t do anything DISAPPOINTED that you are not able to do whatever […]

  • EPISODE 22 – LIBBY WILDMAN – ON MAKING PEOPLE FEEL COMFORTABLE, ACCEPTIING WHO YOU ARE AND KNOWING YOUR MONEY STORY Today we are talking with Libby Wildman, Head of Wealth Advisory at Davis Rea, Founder of the Collective, and Creator of Liminal Escapes. Libby founded her own Wealth Management company over 30 years ago and […]

  • EPISODE 15 – JOHN TOWSLEY – ON ENTREPRENEURSHIP, IMPORTANCE OF CASH FLOW AND FIGURING OUT HOW TO MAKE IT WORK Today we are talking with John Towsley, Owner of Bwyze, and until recently also owner of Mindmuze. Bwyze is an IT service management company that offers eLearning products and services for IT Services. Mindmuze is […]

  • PRACTICE GRATITUDE When I started this practice, I thought this is a bit ridiculous, how is this really going to help me? I have been practicing gratitude consistently since January 1, 2018 and it has changed the way I think. Every morning I get up, go to the gym, come home make a tea and […]

  • FORREST WILLETT – ON OVERCOMING ANXIETY & DEPRESSION, TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS, AND KNOWING YOU DESERVE TO BE LOVED Forrest Willett is a professional speaker that is passionate about mental health. He turned his own personal tragedy and struggles into a world-wide mission where he teaches and inspires people by sharing his journey from […]