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  • LENSA The AI Overnight Success Story? I love discovering new technologies and apps. Most recently I came across Lensa.  And, if you haven’t heard or seen this a it might just blow your mind for a lot of different reasons. Lensa is a popular app that uses AI technology to turn users’ selfies into elevated […]

  • EPISODE 29 – JULIE COLE – ON HOW THE RIGHT BUSINESS PARTNERS CAN HELP YOU MOVE FORWARD, BEING COMFORTABLE BEING UNCOMFORTABLE AND WHY YOU SHOULDN’T TAKE YOURSELF SO SERIOUSLY Today we are talking to Julie Cole, Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of Mabel’s Labels and Author of Like a Mother. Julie started out her career as a lawyer […]

  • EPISODE 27 – VANESSA HOLDING – ON BEING YOUR BIGGEST FAN, BEING A CONNECTOR, AND BEING CONSISTENT  Today we are talking with Vanessa Holding Executive Producer and Co-Owner of Arc and Crown Media. Vanessa is a video production expert and loves to help her clients create video content that has an impact. She started out […]

  • FIND MORE TIME Reduce Unwanted Noise As an entrepreneur or business owner you know the most IMPORTANT resource you have is TIME.  This is something that you CANNOT alter or CHANGE.  We each only have 24 HOURS in a day.  How you CHOOSE to spend your time MATTERS. The biggest MISTAKE a lot of people […]

  • SOCIAL MEDIA What’s The Deal? First let me say that social media can be a great tool to build BRAND AWARENESS or to stay TOP OF MIND with your followers especially if you are in ecommerce or only offer your services online. It is a great way to SHARE new information about what you have […]

  • EPISODE 11 – KRISTIN MATTHEWS – ON LIVING LIFE BACKWARDS, TAKING TIME TO RECHARGE AND FINDING YOUR WAY WITH SOMETHING THAT MATTERS Kristin Matthews is the President and Co-Founder of Tom & Sawyer, which is a new twist on meals for your best furry friends. Tom & Sawyer creates fresh pet meals that are prepared […]