So, you have an idea and want to start a business. You think it will be easy. After all your friend Jennifer started her own business and she is killing it. You see that she is always going on these amazing vacations and out to five-star restaurants. You think if she can do it, so can you.

What you don’t see is that Jennifer works a lot of hours. There is always a massive to do list that never seems to end. Remember, Jennifer is a female entrepreneur and business owner. She has the “I can do it all” syndrome paired with the “I don’t need any help” disease.

As women we have been conditioned to believe that asking for help is a sign of weakness but what it really does is hold us back. When we don’t ask for help, we get bogged down in the details, doing tasks that others would be much better at. We believe we need to control everything.

In reality, we need to identify our strengths and know what we are not very good at. We need to spend more time utilizing our natural given strengths and less time forcing ourselves to get through tasks that suck the life out of us. We need to trust in others and loosen our grip on control. We need to believe we are strong enough to do it but know that the true strength lies in delegating to others.

  • Are you good at balancing a lot of different moving parts?
  • Are you good at figuring out all the details and making sure nothing gets missed?
  • Are you good at moving forward even though things are not exactly perfect?

These are just a few of the questions you should ask yourself and before you start your new venture in order to make sure you know your true strengths and identify what you need help with.

Do yourself a favour and go grab a copy of the Clifton Strength Finder today.

  1. Do the assessment.
  2. Do the worksheets.
  3. Figure out your business plan.

Taking the 30 minutes to an hour to complete this assessment will help you identify gaps that you are going to need to fill in order to be successful. It is totally worth your time and will help you create a much more realistic plan.

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