Life of an entrepreneur

  • SCOTT MCCUAIG – ON FOLLOWING YOUR PASSION, UNDERSTANDING THE VALUE OF FAILURE, AND KNOWING YOUR WORTH Scott McCuaig is the owner and principal landscape architect of Eden Tree Design. Scott turned his childhood passion into a career that he loves. He went from starting a small business in a small town to becoming an award-winning […]

  • KNOW YOUR STRENGTHS So, you have an idea and want to start a business. You think it will be easy. After all your friend Jennifer started her own business and she is killing it. You see that she is always going on these amazing vacations and out to five-star restaurants. You think if she can […]

  • MAKE SACRIFICES, DO WHAT IT TAKES TO MAKE IT WORK Being an entrepreneur is not easy but it can be rewarding in so many different ways. I don’t want to discourage anyone from heading down this path but I do think it is important that people are not mislead into thinking that it is an […]

  • KIM TURLEY-SMITH – ON FINDING JOY, BEING GRATEFUL AND LIVING YOUR PERSONAL JOURNEY Kim Turley-Smith is a fitness entrepreneur who is all about the power of positive thinking.  Kim went from being a stay at home mom, to creating a successful business that was built out of her own need.  She started out as a […]

  • READY FOR THE RIDE? UP, DOWN & ALL AROUND Entrepreneurship is just like a roller coaster ride and if you don’t like these rides at the amusement park, then entrepreneurship might not be for you. You will work hard to get up the hill and be excited but remember when you reach the top, the […]

  • BE PATIENT ALL GOOD THINGS TAKE TIME Do not think you can build it and they will come. You will spend time building it but you will also need to spend time growing your business.  In fact, this never seems to end but in the beginning, it almost seems painful. You have to have the […]

  • TAKE THE LEAP. KNOW THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE UGLY Nowadays it seems like everyone wants to be an entrepreneur, which was originally used to describe people who were creative innovators that disrupted society. Now, it is being used to describe everyone from a “sales rep” for a multilevel marketing company to “influencers” on […]