• Taylor Swift Concert

    SHAKING OFF THE HATERS: TAYLOR SWIFT’S TIME OF TRIUMPH  If you didn’t see this, you might be living under a rock or just avoiding social media as many people are these days but this is one story I am here for!Taylor Swift has just been crowned Time’s Person of the Year, and wow this triggering […]

  • EPISODE 29 – JULIE COLE – ON HOW THE RIGHT BUSINESS PARTNERS CAN HELP YOU MOVE FORWARD, BEING COMFORTABLE BEING UNCOMFORTABLE AND WHY YOU SHOULDN’T TAKE YOURSELF SO SERIOUSLY Today we are talking to Julie Cole, Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of Mabel’s Labels and Author of Like a Mother. Julie started out her career as a lawyer […]

  • BE DISCIPLINED Consistency is Key I was listening to a presentation a few weeks ago and heard the following statement from a very well known influential person and thought leader. “You CANNOT rely on DISCIPLINE. You have to have systems and processes in place.” I agree that to be successful you need to have systems […]

  • CELEBRATE PROGRESS Say Thank You As I REFLECT on the role WOMEN have played in my life and look to the future, I recognize how GRATEFUL I am to have: Come from such a STRONG family of women Met some AMAZING women during my journey on this planet Seen so many BRAVE FEARLESS women lead […]

  • FIND MORE TIME Reduce Unwanted Noise As an entrepreneur or business owner you know the most IMPORTANT resource you have is TIME.  This is something that you CANNOT alter or CHANGE.  We each only have 24 HOURS in a day.  How you CHOOSE to spend your time MATTERS. The biggest MISTAKE a lot of people […]

  • ACHIEVE SUCCESS Focus on These Three Things.  If you are failing or struggling take some time to identify what is out of alignment. It is so important to make sure your mind; your heart and your body are operating at the optimal level for peak performance so you can achieve your wildest dreams. Here is […]