Finding Your Purpose

  • Taylor Swift Concert

    SHAKING OFF THE HATERS: TAYLOR SWIFT’S TIME OF TRIUMPH  If you didn’t see this, you might be living under a rock or just avoiding social media as many people are these days but this is one story I am here for!Taylor Swift has just been crowned Time’s Person of the Year, and wow this triggering […]

  • JIM CARTER III – ON TRYING AND FAILING, USING AI TOOLS, AND GIVING MORE In this episode we talk to Jim Carter the III CEO of Carter and Custard which is a purpose driven growth agency that helps make entrepreneurs fearless so they can have a bigger impact. Jim is what I would definitely call […]

  • VICTORIA MARSHMAN – ON FINDING THE RIGHT COFOUNDER, SHORTCUTS TO SUCCESS AND CREATING THE PERFECT PRODUCT In today’s episode, we have the pleasure of talking to Victoria Marshman, an entrepreneur and the Co-Founder of Mave & Chez. Mave & Chez is a direct-to-consumer brand that specializes in offering ergonomic slippers for women who prioritize comfort […]

  • STARTING A BUSINESS How do you achieve success? Starting your own business can be an EXCITING and REWARDING journey, but it can also be CHALLENGING and full of UNCERTAINTY. To succeed, you need to be willing to TAKE RISKS, WORK HARD, and STAY COMMITTED to your vision. Here are some TIPS for how to achieve […]

  • EPISODE 28 – MIKE LIGUORI ON KNOWING YOUR NEXT MISSION, CRAFTING A GOOD STORY AND RECOGNIZING IT IS NEVER TOO LATE Today we are talking with Mike Liguori, an Iraq War Veteran, Author and Founder of Live Your Truth Media. Mike started out his career in the United States Marine Corps and when he returned […]

  • EPISODE 26 – ERIN HENDERSON – ON THE GAME OF BUSINESS, WHY MONEY MATTERS AND IMPORTANCE OF STAYING TRUE TO YOUR BRAND AND TO YOURSELF  Today we are talking with Erin Henderson Founder of The Wine Sisters where she is also the Chief Sommelier. Erin started out her professional career as a reporter and journalist […]

  • EPISODE 25 – HERMIE ABRAHAM – ON THE BIGGEST MISTAKE PEOPLE MAKE WHEN GETTING A NEW JOB, VALUE OF CREATING WIN-WIN SOLUTIONS AND FINDING THE RIGHT COMMUNITY Today we are talking with Hermie Abraham a Labour & Employment Lawyer and Founder of Advocation Professional Corporation. Hermie started out her professional career in HR at some […]

  • LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE It is ok to be bright. I have STRUGGLED with this at so many different times in my life and there are so many times that I allowed myself to STAY in the same place for way TOO LONG just so I would NOT shine brighter than those around me. (As […]

  • EPISODE 24 – LAURA BEAUPARLANT – ON SHINING BRIGHT, BEING DETERMINED AND HAVING GOOD PROCESSES Today we are talking with Laura Beauparlant an Author, Professional Speaker and Founder and Creative Director of Lab Creative. Laura has been an entrepreneur for over 18 years. She originally founded a very successful wedding stationary business, where she was […]

  • EPISODE 22 – LIBBY WILDMAN – ON MAKING PEOPLE FEEL COMFORTABLE, ACCEPTIING WHO YOU ARE AND KNOWING YOUR MONEY STORY Today we are talking with Libby Wildman, Head of Wealth Advisory at Davis Rea, Founder of the Collective, and Creator of Liminal Escapes. Libby founded her own Wealth Management company over 30 years ago and […]