• EPISODE 29 – JULIE COLE – ON HOW THE RIGHT BUSINESS PARTNERS CAN HELP YOU MOVE FORWARD, BEING COMFORTABLE BEING UNCOMFORTABLE AND WHY YOU SHOULDN’T TAKE YOURSELF SO SERIOUSLY Today we are talking to Julie Cole, Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of Mabel’s Labels and Author of Like a Mother. Julie started out her career as a lawyer […]

  • Top 5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started a Business Pay Attention. When you start a business there is so much to do and so many decisions to make.  When I think back to my experience of starting in particular I wish I had paid more attention to these things. Choosing A […]

  • EPISODE 28 – MIKE LIGUORI ON KNOWING YOUR NEXT MISSION, CRAFTING A GOOD STORY AND RECOGNIZING IT IS NEVER TOO LATE Today we are talking with Mike Liguori, an Iraq War Veteran, Author and Founder of Live Your Truth Media. Mike started out his career in the United States Marine Corps and when he returned […]

  • SOCIAL MEDIA What’s The Deal? First let me say that social media can be a great tool to build BRAND AWARENESS or to stay TOP OF MIND with your followers especially if you are in ecommerce or only offer your services online. It is a great way to SHARE new information about what you have […]

  • EPISODE 20 – SHANNON TEBB – ON PUTTING YOURSELF OUT THERE, AUTHENTICALLY CONNECTING WITH OTHERS AND MASTERING THE ART OF COMMUNICAITON Today we are talking with Shannon Tebb a boutique matchmaker and dating expert. She is also the founder of Shanny in the City. Shanny in the City is a great support system for singles […]

  • Episode 18 - Melanie Cruickshank-IG copy

    EPISODE 18 – MELANIE CRUICKSHANK – ON LIVING YOUR BRAND, CONNECTING WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS AND THE IMPORTANCE OF YOUR SUPPORT SYSTEM AND NETWORK Today we are talking with Melanie Cruickshank, CEO and Founder of Da Lish Cosmetics. Da Lish Cosmetics is all about creating clean luxurious beauty products that are produced with locally sourced, natural, […]

  • Fix Your Email Issues

    FIX YOUR EMAIL ISSUES Do it now! So what do you need to know about email as an entrepreneur to fix your deliverability issues? As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you can’t be an expert in everything BUT you do need to have a general understanding of how most things work so you can […]

  • EPISODE 17 – BOBBY UMAR – ON FEEDING YOUR SOUL, FIGHTING FOR YOUR LIFE AND BEING A STAR Today we are talking with Bobby Umar, President of Raeallan and CEO of DYPB. Raeallan is a transformational training organization whose mission is to discover, inspire and develop leadership. DYPB, or Discover Your Personal Brand helps individuals […]