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Figure It Out

What is your BIGGEST excuse for not moving forward?

You KNOW the one you tell family and friends as to why you haven’t been able to start that new project, launch that new business or work on the thing that matters the most to you.

We all have that ONE excuse or the many to explain away our INACTION to making things happen.

Do any of these excuses sound familiar:

  • I just don’t have TIME. (As you binge watch Netflix every night and all weekend long.)
  • I don’t have the MONEY to do it. (But you continue to eat order uber eats and pay a billion dollars for a mediocre burrito that comes right to your door and is soggy or cold by the time you get it.)
  • I don’t know HOW to do it. (You spend all weekend partying with friends and then being hung over or tired the next day from that super late night instead of learning something new.)

There are also the OTHER excuses you can make.  You know the ones as to why others are so successful, and you are not.

They are just successful because THEY:

  • Are LUCKY (Newsflash – there is no such thing as luck… even with the Lottery you have got be playing to win)
  • Have MONEY (Money can help for sure but you can still get started and move forward with or without money)
  • Know the RIGHT PEOPLE or have the RIGHT CONNECTIONS (If you are the smartest person in your circle – you need to expand the circle and start to connect with the right people… but this is work right???)

As you can see this list could be ENDLESS but these are all things you are using as a crutch.  These are all things that give you an out.  These are all things that you are just telling yourself about why you can’t be successful.

If this is you… you need to start to accept that you are just making excuses and then you need to make a DECISION.

If you REALLY want to move forward with your idea you need to TAKE ACTION.

You need to:

  • CHANGE your mindset so you can move forward
  • STOP believing everything is easier for everyone else and things are so hard for you
  • BELIEVE you can do it
  • CREATE a plan to move forward
  • FOLLOW your plan
  • BE patient
  • CONTINUE to learn and grow
  • PUT in the work ever single day
  • DIG DEEPER when you want to quit and keep going

I promise you if you can put in the work, you can make your WILDEST dreams come true.

And, if you are not willing to put in the work – STOP complaining and stop being a hater on the people around you that are putting in the work.  It is not their fault they are taking action to make their dreams come true. 

Instead of spreading hate start to think about how you can help to SUPPORT them – you might just LEARN something.

STOP telling yourself these excuses are the reason why you’re not where you want to be. Because the real reason is because you are not:

  • MAKING choices that will help you
  • PUTTING in the effort
  • WORKING through what ever is holding you back

If you really want something, WHY are you letting yourself hold you back?

What is the WORST thing that can happen if you take that step forward?

Is it going to be EASY? No.

Is it going to be REWARDING? Yes!


To help you move forward faster do the following:

  1. Ask yourself – What is the excuse I am using? If you don’t know what it is – pay attention to what you are saying to others and what thoughts are running around in your head.
  2. Next time you are going to say your excuse to someone – just stop. And, instead say – I am putting my plan together. I will have it figured out by <insert date>.
  3. Put together your plan but the date you stated. You have now made a promise to yourself. Don’t break your promise to yourself.
  4. Spend <insert time/per day> working on your plan. You need to outline your vision so you can make it a reality.
  5. Once you have a plan start to take the steps to Make it Happen.

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