• NEED SOME EXTRA MONEY Start Small – Try a Side Hustle The rising costs are making things TIGHT for a lot of people these days.  It is making it difficult to make ends meet and there never seems to be ENOUGH for those extra things that you love. If you’re finding it hard to keep […]

  • BE DISCIPLINED Consistency is Key I was listening to a presentation a few weeks ago and heard the following statement from a very well known influential person and thought leader. “You CANNOT rely on DISCIPLINE. You have to have systems and processes in place.” I agree that to be successful you need to have systems […]

  • STOP MAKNG EXCUSES Figure It Out What is your BIGGEST excuse for not moving forward? You KNOW the one you tell family and friends as to why you haven’t been able to start that new project, launch that new business or work on the thing that matters the most to you. We all have that […]

  • EPISODE 22 – LIBBY WILDMAN – ON MAKING PEOPLE FEEL COMFORTABLE, ACCEPTIING WHO YOU ARE AND KNOWING YOUR MONEY STORY Today we are talking with Libby Wildman, Head of Wealth Advisory at Davis Rea, Founder of the Collective, and Creator of Liminal Escapes. Libby founded her own Wealth Management company over 30 years ago and […]

  • SOCIAL MEDIA What’s The Deal? First let me say that social media can be a great tool to build BRAND AWARENESS or to stay TOP OF MIND with your followers especially if you are in ecommerce or only offer your services online. It is a great way to SHARE new information about what you have […]

  • ACHIEVE SUCCESS Focus on These Three Things.  If you are failing or struggling take some time to identify what is out of alignment. It is so important to make sure your mind; your heart and your body are operating at the optimal level for peak performance so you can achieve your wildest dreams. Here is […]