Personal Development

  • BE DISCIPLINED Consistency is Key I was listening to a presentation a few weeks ago and heard the following statement from a very well known influential person and thought leader. “You CANNOT rely on DISCIPLINE. You have to have systems and processes in place.” I agree that to be successful you need to have systems […]

  • STOP MAKNG EXCUSES Figure It Out What is your BIGGEST excuse for not moving forward? You KNOW the one you tell family and friends as to why you haven’t been able to start that new project, launch that new business or work on the thing that matters the most to you. We all have that […]

  • FIND MORE TIME Reduce Unwanted Noise As an entrepreneur or business owner you know the most IMPORTANT resource you have is TIME.  This is something that you CANNOT alter or CHANGE.  We each only have 24 HOURS in a day.  How you CHOOSE to spend your time MATTERS. The biggest MISTAKE a lot of people […]

  • LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE It is ok to be bright. I have STRUGGLED with this at so many different times in my life and there are so many times that I allowed myself to STAY in the same place for way TOO LONG just so I would NOT shine brighter than those around me. (As […]

  • TAKE TIME TO REFLECT It is worth the investment. For me, reflection is about considering and analyzing your BELIEFS and ACTIONS so you can learn what you need to CHANGE in order to make things BETTER for the next time. From a scientific view stopping to reflect allows you to give your brain a BREAK […]

  • ACHIEVE SUCCESS Focus on These Three Things.  If you are failing or struggling take some time to identify what is out of alignment. It is so important to make sure your mind; your heart and your body are operating at the optimal level for peak performance so you can achieve your wildest dreams. Here is […]

  • OWN TODAY Fix Your “To Do List” Do you create a daily “To Do List” and then at the end of the day feel disappointed because you didn’t complete it? Do you then you start some negative self-talk about how you are being lazy or not productive? You are probably not being lazy or not […]

  • OVERCOME YOUR BIGGEST OBSTACLE Take Actions to Achieve Your Goals Life never seems to go according to plan. The Universe loves to send us challenges every now and then to make sure we are paying attention and sometimes the obstacles make us think twice about what we are doing. It is so important at your […]

  • PRACTICE GRATITUDE When I started this practice, I thought this is a bit ridiculous, how is this really going to help me? I have been practicing gratitude consistently since January 1, 2018 and it has changed the way I think. Every morning I get up, go to the gym, come home make a tea and […]