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  • PAOLA GIROTTI – ON THE IMPORTANCE OF SMALL BUSINESS IN CANADA, BENG PASSIONATE ABOUT CREATING CHANGE, AND FIINDING OPPORTUNITY IN EVERY DAY In this episode we talk to talking to Paola Girotti the Founder, Owner and Operator of Sugarmoon Salon and one of the Co Founders of Beauty United. Sugarmoon Salon has been in business […]

  • CUSTOMER SERVICE  Know The Power of Being Responsive The number one mistake that a lot of businesses make is a lack of emphasis on providing excellent customer service. And, no this does not always mean the customer is always right but how you respond to customer questions, complaints and feedback is critical for your success. […]

  • UNLEASH YOUR ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT Boost Your Income with these Top 5 Side Hustles With the cost of living on the rise, more and more people are looking for ways to supplement their income. One way to do this is by taking on a side hustle. A side hustle is any type of job or work […]

  • NEED SOME EXTRA MONEY Start Small – Try a Side Hustle The rising costs are making things TIGHT for a lot of people these days.  It is making it difficult to make ends meet and there never seems to be ENOUGH for those extra things that you love. If you’re finding it hard to keep […]

  • IN OR ON Where are you spending your time? As a new business owner, your TIME is one of your most VALUABLE assets. It is so easy to get bogged down in DAY-TO-DAY tasks and lose sight of the big picture. It is so easy to stay focused on generating REVENUE and hustle to make […]

  • STARTING A BUSINESS How do you achieve success? Starting your own business can be an EXCITING and REWARDING journey, but it can also be CHALLENGING and full of UNCERTAINTY. To succeed, you need to be willing to TAKE RISKS, WORK HARD, and STAY COMMITTED to your vision. Here are some TIPS for how to achieve […]

  • EPISODE 21 – LAURIE ANNE KING – ON USING YOUR NATURAL GIFT, LISTENING YOUR INTUITION AND BEING THE QUEEN OF IMPERFECTION Today we are talking with Laurie Anne King an Intuitive Coach and Portrait Photographer. If you are feeling overwhelmed by life’s challenges, stuck where you are and scared or unsure of how to move […]

  • EPISODE 20 – SHANNON TEBB – ON PUTTING YOURSELF OUT THERE, AUTHENTICALLY CONNECTING WITH OTHERS AND MASTERING THE ART OF COMMUNICAITON Today we are talking with Shannon Tebb a boutique matchmaker and dating expert. She is also the founder of Shanny in the City. Shanny in the City is a great support system for singles […]

  • EPISODE 19 – MONICA GRAVES – ON STARTING YOUR OWN BUSINESS, FUNDRAISING AND SPREADING LIGHT AND LOVE Today we are talking with Monica Graves, Owner & Designer of glamjulz. glamjulz is a trendy jewelry brand that provides an instant pop of colourful bling to any outfit. It is fresh, fun and affordable but most of […]

  • Episode 18 - Melanie Cruickshank-IG copy

    EPISODE 18 – MELANIE CRUICKSHANK – ON LIVING YOUR BRAND, CONNECTING WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS AND THE IMPORTANCE OF YOUR SUPPORT SYSTEM AND NETWORK Today we are talking with Melanie Cruickshank, CEO and Founder of Da Lish Cosmetics. Da Lish Cosmetics is all about creating clean luxurious beauty products that are produced with locally sourced, natural, […]